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The Jack Ramsay Basketball Initiative, Zimbabwe.

We believe in supporting grassroots organized youth sport programs needed to disrupt the poverty cycle, modify behavior and empower under served children in Africa. Sport is the global currency keeping children in school, promoting gender balance, fueling healthier lifestyles, cultivating faith, & developing lifetime skills necessary to overcome social challenges.

The Jack Ramsay Initiative, Africa


The Jack Ramsay Grassroots Basketball Development Initiative, is the organization's pivotal arm for the strategic vision of basketball development in under served communities across Africa. Thanks to Dr. Jack Ramsay, (NBA Hall of Fame & Legend), for the kind gift of professional basketball training resources, volunteer coaches & children now have a unique opportunity to learn sound fundamentals of the game & develop a lasting passion. This 'retail type' of community sports outreach, cracks the code for countering or matching soccer as the predominant sport in Africa, while mitigating the negative impact of sports deserts in under served markets. Aggressively deploying an expert driven grassroots, organized youth basketball program helps expedite game progression & delivery to all corners of the continent. Learn more...

Pave-A-Dirt Basketball Court

Community Empowerment & Development

Acclaimed by Dr. Jack Ramsay, as the preferred model for basketball development across under served markets, the revolutionary concept reinforces our belief that, communities must invest sweat equity into construction of sports infrastructure beneficial to their children. The feasibility of rural communities utilizing basic inputs like ox-drawn carts, 20,000 self-made farm bricks, & volunteer manpower in the construction process makes this model not only sustainable but attractive to us & the global basketball community. Thanks to Sharon & Jim O’Brien, (former NBA Coach), for supporting completion of a “proof of concept” basketball court at a rural school in Zimbabwe, named after Dr. Jack Ramsay. Each completed basketball court moves the needle & adds a stitch to game visibility, & growth across Africa. Learn more...

Keeping Children In School

Lifetime Societal Empowerment

In a culture where education potentially determines children's destiny, we are morally obligated to advance a youth sports program that can be interwoven into the academic fabric of the school system. Our passion is for children to extrapolate the positive values associated with sport into academic proficiency. We are determined to pursue a school based sports program that empowers children with the necessary tools to develop self-esteem, self-confidence, & perseverance needed to excel in school. Strategically, we invest in long term partnerships with local school teachers that help bridge sport involvement & academic performance. With support from a fun, safe, & accessible sports program administered by their teachers as volunteer coaches, children are beginning to overcome social barriers. Learn more...

No Child Plays Without Drive


Creating a fun & positive sports environment for kids to learn & play with confidence, begins with the provision of basic sports equipment. We accept & collect new/gently used sports gear from the USA that we ship to Africa for use in our organized sports program. Playing sport barefoot, (a common phenomenon for underprivileged children in Africa) does not deter kids from enjoying sport. Thanks to our friends at Connecticut Attack Basketball, Indiana Soccer, Indy Eleven & the Indiana Pacers for donating sports gear that children & volunteer coaches are using to develop a strong passion for sport & explore into a world of possibilities. The psychological impact of putting on sports gear enhances self esteem, confidence, & behavior modification for children. Learn more...

The HIV/AIDS Information Firewall


Building an HIV/AIDS information firewall around children is top priority for our organization in order to permanently disrupt the infection cycle distressing communities across Africa. Our community based youth sports program presents a positive re-enforcement platform for teaching children the up side of staying healthy without creating any paranoia/anxiety. In an environment that typically conveys a negative message to build awareness when teaching about the dangers of HIV/AIDS, it is in our best interests to provide a play based conducive environment for children that fosters enlightenment & better choice making. We rely heavily on setting up strong partnerships with rural school teachers to effectively mentor orphaned children & restore hope. Learn more...

Level The Playing Field For Girls

Promoting Gender Balanced Communities

A key mandate of our structured youth sports program is the 50% girls inclusion policy in participation & leadership roles. As descendants of the community, we strongly believe this deliberate approach provides a unique window of opportunity to launch an effective behavioral social norm change process needed to elevate girls' involvement in community leadership roles. The sports based gender balance initiative is a strategic path of least resistance towards unleashing girls' potential to compete, lead & dominate: values that translate into lifetime skills. The big picture is a paradigm shift that systematically realigns societies’ perception of girls into goal getters across the continent. In keeping with an old cliché: "Educate a woman, & you educate the entire village.” Learn more...

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2012 Jack Ramsay Clinic, Zim

Teaching Sound Fundamentals

Pave-A-Dirt Basketball Court

Infrastructure Development

Indiana Soccer Alliance

Soccer Gear Collection Drive

Life Applications to Sports

"There are great life applications to all sports, but in basketball in particular, there are great applications to life. The game changes quickly and you must adjust to the changes within the game and that's pretty much what life is. There is no blue print for success in life. You must adapt to changing conditions..,"Dr. Jack Ramsay, (NBA Legend, NBA Hall of Fame)

Great Sports Development Program

Every great project has a couple of things in common, one is a vision and two is a passion for that vision, Gus & Madeline Chikamba have a great vision for basketball infrastructure in Zimbabwe. Sharon and I along with Jack Ramsay fully support this and hope to see it to fruition....Jim O'Brien, (Former NBA Coach)

The Africa Outreach USA Score Card

Increased Program Reach

☑ 4000+ children on the program to date
☑ 1000+ Trained Certified Coaches Countrywide
☑ 36 District Trained & Certified Coaches
☑ 26 Rural Schools On Board
☑ 36 District Trained & Certified Coaches

Community Engagement

☑ Basketball Against Drugs program launch
☑ 2 Completed Basketball Courts, 1 pending
☑ 100 km radius of engaged rural schools
☑ 200 000+ farm bricks molded
☑ Program acceptance & morale up 60%

Academic Impact

☑ Academic Performance up 40%
☑ School Enrollment 60%
☑Rural Schools Engagement 26%
☑ 30% Reduction in severe forms of punishment

Gender Balanced Involvement

☑ 46% Girls participation on the program
☑ 27% Female trained coaches
☑ 30% Increase in women leadership capacity
☑ 10% Women nationwide trained

Grassroots Sport Development

☑ Dr. Jack Ramsay Basketball League/Trophy
☑ Connecticut Attack Basketball League/Trophy
☑ Indy Eleven Soccer League/Trophy
☑ Indiana Soccer League/Trophy
☑ Sharon & Jim O'Brien Girls Basketball League/Trophy

Supplied Sports Gear

☑ 10,000+ basketball, soccer, volleyball gear
☑ Four trophies supporting four leagues
☑ Fifty medallions
☑ 36 District Trained & Certified Coaches
☑ 12 Tennis rackets donated

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